Lost in Republican territory

Lubbock, Texas


In the present political context, driving through New Mexico and Texas is really interesting. Acres and acres of corn and wheat fields, thousands of cows, lost villages and confederate flags are about the only things you will encounter. This is Trump’s America. A vast land, apart from the world and away from globalisation. An economy based on agriculture and oil, who has seen for the past twenty years its industries go to near Mexico.

Forgotten counties populated by desperate people who haven’t seen their income increase in years. Based on jobs of the secondary sector, their economy is weak and hardly faces the cheap workforce of less developed countries. What is their last hope? Mostly Jesus and church. Along the monotonous highways huge signs reads « Don’t worry I am here, -God », «After you die, you will meet God ».

In this desperate and decadent atmosphere a sparkle of hope shines. A courageous and eloquent businessman who promises to bring back the jobs and take care of the forgotten America. This man is Donald Trump. No one else could better meet the expectations of these desperate and fearful people. A Republican. A conservative. A populist. A funny guy. A bold character.

I don’t want to defend Donald Trump I just want to show, that among all the candidates he is the one who achieved to reach out to these people, who are in deep pain, and by increasing their fears, earning their trust. This red America, elected the President.

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