The 4th Lille international Tattoo convention

The 4th Lille international Tattoo convention held this year in Lille Grand Palais, South-East Lille, welcomed more than 350 international tattoo artists. It started on 25thJanuary and ended on 27thJanuary. Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Russia were some on the many countries represented during those 3 days.

The 3-day pass cost 25 euros and the single-day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday was 15 euros. A Friday-pass was only 10 euros. Tickets for students who presented their student card, cost 10 euros and under 12-year olds got a free entry.

The tattoo convention was the ideal event for grunge and metal music fans. It gathered a number of them, all rocking their looks with dyed hair, multiple tattoos, and a variety of ear gauges.

Among the different activities, there were tattoos stands, where people could get tattooed or go through some of the tattoos’ artists designs and speak to them about their work and passion. During the event several concerts and competitions were organized.

The competitions opposed the tattoo artists on the tattoos they had made during the convention. The people tattooed during the event had to parade on stage, in front of a jury, cameras and a crowd. The best tattoos were rewarded by the selected jury.

Photo : peji photographie

If ever you felt hungry or thirsty, there were multiple options for food and drinks: burgers, waffles, crêpes, smoothies, beers and sandwiches were some of the options available.

There were also some stores, that sold clothes and a variety of different accessories, consistent with the metal/grunge atmosphere of the event.

Unlike what one could think, a lot of families were enjoying the event too, not only for the food, drinks and shops available, but also for the performances of the musicians, tattoo artists and competitors. The event was hence open to everyone without provoking any kind of discomfort.

Altogether, it was a great event to discover some interestingartists and stunning designs. And Lille was quite well represented, with some tattoo artists such as: PIKALILLY, Andy Messiant, Laura Bamboo. Personnally, I enjoyed the designs of Caroline Escafit and De Lange, both from Montpellier, France.

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